This page contains all relevant ships and the books they appear in. This list is by no means exhaustive.

Ship Books it appears in Type Short description
Barras Ramage French 74 gun ship of the line. Attacking the Sibella in the beginning of the book.Ramage.
Belette Ramage British Frigate The Belette is stuck on a rock and Ramage has to rescue the seamen.
Diadem Ramage Unknown ship, but since it is the flag-ship of Commodore Nelson, it probably is a ship of the line. The ship Commodore Nelson sails into the anchorage at Bastia at the moment of Ramage's trial.
Kathleen Ramage, Ramage and the Drum Beat British 10 carronades Cutter. About 190 tons, cost £4500 to build, a crew of about 60 men. Draught about eight feet forward and fourteen aft. About seventyfive feet long with another 40 feet for the bowsprit.

First command of Ramage.

Lively Ramage British frigate, number 406 Picks up Ramage and the gig after they rescued the Marchesa and Count Pisano. Commanded by Lord Probus.
Sibella Ramage, Ramage and the Drum Beat British 28 gun frigate, number 808 First ship we encounter Ramage on. It is sinking at the start of the book Ramage.
Topaze Ramage British Sloop of war Just before the trial, the remaining crew of the Sibella is ordered by Captain Croucher to join the Topaze. The Topaze is ordered to sail immediately.
Trumpeter Ramage British 74 gun ship of the line Ramage's court-martial at Bastia is held on board the Trumpeter. It's captain is Captain Croucher.